The Mind Like Water (Chautauqua: Rooted and Growing, Issue #21.1)

Day One: These were the last words Sara said: “Here goes nothing.”

Day Two: If she had an epiphany, it was how comfortable she already was with silence.

Day Three: Just as Alexis had said, Sara’s mind, like water, stilled, a translucent blue, enough for the sediment to settle, clear enough for it to catch the light.

It was only supposed to be ten days, Sara’s vow of silence. Even the word “vow” seemed overdramatic. At their wedding, Sara and Roy had opted for the term, “best intentions” despite their families and friends making road-to-hell jokes until they were too true to be funny.

She was invited to the meditation retreat by Alexis, her chattiest friend, who attended the year before. Alexis spoke of it constantly—“the vow,” she called it—began vlogging, and made it part of her personal brand. There were videos titled How the Vow Saved My Marriage, A Vow for New Direction, and The Mind like Water. Sara clicked the latter. 

Day Four: New memories began taking shape, rising as if some volcanic force below was pushing, pulsing…


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